Sunday, 7 April 2013

Student Vs. Student

The definition of being student has been lost in recent years. A students is now thought of as someone who has very little money, probably drinks a bit too much, has chosen a topic of study they found least difficult, or possibly were even vaguely interested in from school and  has decided to follow the academic route as they want to have a job which pays above economic norms. Now think of what made a student in the centuries gone by. This was categorised as someone with a deep desire to develop a further understanding of a topic they are fascinated by, someone who wanted to absorb immense amounts of information in a particular field and manipulate the information to develop the subject further or implement this knowledge in a way that will progress society.

I fear that this definition is falling further and further away and that the concept will be permanently lost except for a miniscule cluster of enlightened individuals. If this does become the case and the masses truly forget what it means to be a student I would worry that a massive knowledge gap will occur in humanity, as students, by the current definition, crawl through academia more asleep than awake with no more ambition than to live comfortably and with no intention to progress their field of study in any way. This knowledge gap would be comparable to the 1% issue highlighted in the USA, that 1% of the population supposedly controls 33% of all wealth. How terrible it would be for only a tiny minority of society to possess the majority of the knowledge, information and understanding this world possesses.

For me this is a problem for the education system, I don’t claim to know how to fix it but surely children need to be taught in a way that doesn’t create volumes of people who feel so haunted by education that they feel the need to frantically escape its clutches at the first socially accepted opportunity. Instead imagine a system where children can have their curiosities developed so that when it is time for them to make a decision on what to do with their future that they are so excited by the prospect of learning that they opt to become students in the old sense of the word.

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  1. Great posts, I'm fear that current education is more about memorizing the lesson material rather than stimulate their curiosities to finding and understand more about the lesson material.

    1. Thanks Benny. I think you're right there